About Designer

Designer is our new suite of apps focused on giving you control over some of our most popular customizable products.

A video introduction going over everything Designer is coming soon.

You can see all of Bright Corp’s Designer Features, Known Bugs, and Quick Links by clicking here.

Things to Note

  • This is beta software & works best with Google Chrome. Click here to install it.
  • For printing help, please refer to Google’s documentation on Printing from Chrome.
  • We expect to add a video guide going over several functions before long.

Getting Access

Currently that apps are only available to approved users. Click here if you’d like to be one of them. Already have access? No problem, click here to visit the apps.

Help and Feedback

Having trouble? Have ideas that’d make Designer better? Before contacting us, click here to check that your browser is up to date and clear your browser cache and cookies. If that doesn’t do the trick, please let us know.