About Designer

Welcome to Designer, our new suite of apps focused on giving you control over our most popular products.

Note: This is beta software. It works best with Google Chrome. When you print, remember to set Margin to None. Check back for our How To videos to learn how to master different features.

Feature Spotlight

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Add (Multiple) Images From Your Device

Choose From Dozens Of Themes, Verses, And Seals

Add Pre-Formatted Text And Auto-Calculable Date Fields

Delete Selected Objects With A Click Or Press Of Your Delete/Backspace Key

Customize Text With Fonts, Alignment, And Size

Change The Opacity Of Anything With A Simple Slider

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Save Designs To Your Device To Continue Work Later

Move Selected Objects Precisely With Your Keyboard Arrow Keys

Choose To Print Between From A Number Of Page Formats

Quickly Find Things To Add From The Add Menu

Undo Or Redo Changes With Buttons Or CMD + Z And CMD + Shift + Z

Scale Any Object By Selecting It And Dragging It From Its Corner

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Toggle The Automatic Shadow And Border Styles On Added Images

Rest Easy, The Bleed Area Will Help Keep Content In A Safe Printing Space

Move Things Forward or Backward (Object Layering)

Crop Graphics To A Circle Or Oval Shape

Choose Restart To Quickly Start From A Blank Slate

Quickly Access The Other Apps, This Page, And Get Blank Stock

With More Coming Soon, Like A Template Gallery For Quick Designing

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Send Feedback

Your feedback is important to us! Send problems and feature requests our way.


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See Updates

Check out our Updates page where we post New features, improvements, and bug fixes.


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Request Access

Click here to request Designer access.


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Get Blank Stock

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