About Designer

Designer is our new suite of applications focused on giving you control over some of our most popular customizable products.

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Add images to an Insert to make them one of a kind. Save or Print.

  • Only the lines and your images will be printed (the title will not be printed).


Add portraits, and frame them from a number of our frame options, work with both sides of your folders, add and edit text, select from over 70 preset verses, and Save or Print your folder in a click!

  • Easily change the text font, size, and style by dragging a Verse or Text object and using Text Options (on the left).

Prayer Cards

Design once, then update your preview to see how your 8UP Prayer Cards will look when you save or print them.

  • Easily change the text font, size, and style by dragging a Verse or Text object and using Text Options (on the left).
  • For two-sided bookmarks simply create and Save or Print each side individually and remember to flip your page when printing!

Printing from the applications is easy! Once you’re set to print, select “More” from the navigation, then hit Print.

What’s Coming

  • Edit, save, load and print both sides of each product, simultaneously!

Other Notes


This is beta software & works best with Google Chrome. If you’re using Google Chrome and are experiencing issues with Designer, click here to check that your browser is up to date. If that doesn’t do the trick, please let us know with the form below.



  • Fixed: Fonts Not Loading Correctly When Adding Text
  • Updated: Font Options in Folders and Inserts
  • Updated: Added Two-Sided Editing, Saving, and Printing Options for Folders and Inserts


  • Updated: Total lifespan is now calculated in Folders and Inserts for you; type in the DoB and DoD and the last fields are filled for you!


  • Fixed: Frames not auto-updating in Cards
  • Fixed: Images not staying behind frames in Cards
  • Updated: Improved the size of New Text and Verses in Cards and Folders
  • Updated: New Text and Verses are now centered when added in Cards and Folders


  • Fixed: Font Style and Family changing in Cards working inconsistently
  • Updated: Text Options menu for Cards now matches the other apps
  • Updated: Added Save / Load into Cards app
  • Updated: Added Military Emblems to all apps
  • Updated: Added a link in the footer here on the website, visible to those with early access

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