Military Celebration Cover™

Our Military Celebration Cover™ is an experience to behold and is made in our company owned knitting factory located right here in the USA.

Measuring an impressive, yet manageable, 40″ X 60″ in size, our patented Italian knit cover is made from a blend of virgin white spun polyester and soft acrylic yarns giving it a true comfort cover feel.

Weighing it at almost 2.5 pounds, the Italian knit Celebration Cover is the perfect memorial keepsake that your families will cherish for generations. But more importantly, they will never forget who gifted them with this amazing keepsake.

Let our talented and award winning artists create a beautiful Military Celebration Cover denoting the chosen branch of service for our amazing fallen heroes.

We finish the Celebration Cover with an infusion of genuine Aromatherapy essential oils combining a mixture of Rosemary for remembrance and the comfort of lavender to help them thru the stress and grief cycle.

When you combine the sweater softness and luxury of our Italian Knit, the aromatherapy mixture and the brilliant colors that explode off of the virgin white, our Celebration Cover is a true multi sensory experience.

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